Valeria Valente

Valeria Valente

President of the Italian Parliamentary Investigation Committee on Femicide and Gender Violence


My political growth took place in the PDS first, in the DS then and today I am proudly part of the largest Italian party, the Democratic Party.

In 1997 I ran for the Democratic Left in the Neapolitan local elections and I was elected to the City Council starting an experience that formed me and made me more mature, forcing me to measure myself with the concreteness needed to administer a metropolis like Naples. In 2001, the voters confirmed their trust and I started a second council term. In 2006 I was chosen by the Mayor Rosa Russo Jervolino to join as Councillor with responsibility for tourism, shows and equal opportunities.

Those were the years in which I consolidated my skills on the themes of tourism and on the promotion of events through which I tried to enhance and promote the Neapolitan monuments and beauties through an early and planned planning of the offer for to include Naples in the international tourist circuits, focusing on listening and discussion with operators to create the right synergies to develop the enormous potential of the city.

These have also been important years for my commitment to equal opportunities, to anti-discrimination policies, to promoting positive actions for equal representation and the reconciliation of working and living times. In concrete I have created a service dedicated to equal opportunities within the Municipal Administration of Naples, I had the interinstitutional table for policies to combat and prevent violence against women adopted by the Junta and a discussion table with LGBT organisations and associations, giving even more strength to a passion that led me to dedicate my life to mainstreaming and gender empowerment.

In 2011 I was chosen as coordinator of the Democratic Women of Campania, continuing my commitment to bringing the gender issue within my party.

In December 2012 I participated in the primary for the selection of candidates for the parliament of the Democratic Party, winning them.

In February 2013 I was elected Deputy in the college Campania 1 and began a new exciting experience that led me to enter Montecitorio assuming the role of Secretary in the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies and member of the Commission Defense for which I follow, above all, the theme of industrial policies focusing mainly on the effects on the development of the Mezzogiorno.

In 2016, after participating and winning the primary, I was nominated for the centre-left coalition, the office of mayor of Naples. The electoral campaign was a tiring but beautiful experience that made me discover new realities of the city and many positive and precious energies that Naples continues to have but the voters have chosen to reconfirm the outgoing Administration.

I played the role of City Councillor of the Democratic Party in Naples and Deputy of the Republic with the same commitment as when, as a girl, I started to do politics and with the same desire to change things that are not good.

In 2018 I was elected Senator in the Campania 02 constituency on the list of the Democratic Party.
Today I am Vice President of the Democratic Party Group in the Senate of the Republic and Secretary of the Justice Commission.