Stefania Pucciarelli

Stefania Pucciarelli

Italian Undersecretary of Defense


Stefania Pucciarelli was born in Sarzana (Italy) on 6 March 1967, is married and has a son.

In 2011 she was elected municipal councillor of Santo Stefano di Magra (SP).

In 2013 she became provincial secretary of the Northern League in La Spezia.
At party level he holds the role of regional manager for relations with the elected in the local authorities.

In 2015 she was elected councillor in the Regional Council of Liguria and took over the presidency of the III Commission (productive activities, agriculture, culture, training and work).

In 2018, she was elected to the Senate in the Liguria single-member constituency with 114,714 votes.

She was also Vice President of the Lega Group – Salvini Premier- Psd’Az for the period July-November 2018.

Since 25 February 2021 he has been Undersecretary of State for Defence in the Government presided over by Prof. Mario Draghi.