Silvia Mari

Silvia Mari

Journalist at Agenzia Dire


I was born and lived in Rome forever. Graduated in architecture, the first ten years of my professional activity I carried out in a study that dealt with the importance of monuments. I arrived at the school not by vocation, in reality I had never thought of teaching. It happened that it put its hands on fate. I came to know that in a Parified Middle School, a religious Institute located in Garbatella, they were looking for a teacher of Artistic Education and Technical Education.

I decided to try and introduced myself. After an interview with the Principal Sister Maria Stella who trusted me, I was hired. Suddenly I found myself teaching these two subjects for a total of 15 hours a week, 5 per class. As soon as they came out of the competitions to chair and the habilitations participated to all those possible for the Middle School and also for the Superiors.

Over the years I decided to stay in my little school rather than face a life of precariousness in the state. I never regretted that choice. Teaching two subjects so different has given me a more articulate training and I was accustomed to interdisciplinarity. Moreover, over the years, I have always had my pupils from the first to the third grade, which has made me live a more coherent and targeted working and emotional dimension.

Suddenly, in the summer of 2006, I received a call to the State School for a Technical Education Chair competition that I had done sixteen years earlier. At that point I no longer thought about the opportunity to enter the State.
And so I embarked on this new adventure. I was lucky enough to take over the Bitossi Comprehensive Institute ten minutes from my house. So I worked for the first time in the neighborhood where I live, the Balduina. I was sorry to leave Art Education, but in return I found myself teaching, in addition to Technology (a new name given to Technical Education) also Computer Science. It wasn’t difficult for me because I had been using the computer for my art history lessons for some years already.

New school, new district, new subjects, new ministers, reforms, laws and circulars. In all this thinking and rethinking around teaching what in so many years has never changed are the eyes of my students who expect me in the morning and especially that they expect something from me.