Rosi Sgaravatti

Rosi Sgaravatti

President of Sgaravatti Group


Rosi Zuliani Sgaravatti is president of the Sgaravatti Group, a family business since 1700, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Padua in 1820 in the field of seeds and plants.

From the beginning the company’s catalogues travel throughout Italy with covers designed by artists, telling of innovation and passion for 200 years.

In the early 1900s, laboratories were born where plant diseases were studied. At the end of 1950 in Sardinia was born the Green Work of the Costa Smeralda. Rosi takes over the family business at the death of her husband Leone Sgaravatti, dealing with the many fields, from cultivation to marketing, from design to promotion.

He projected the society of gardening and design of green works, with achievements in: Italy, Europe, Arab countries, East. Passionate about gardens and botany, she is landscape gardener and president of the Garden Club of Cagliari and AIDDA Sardinia.