Mariapia Ebreo

Mariapia Ebreo


Mariapia Ebreo, a journalist lent to communication, is the organizer of the Tedxmatera, and has been the editor of the Tedxtransmedia press office in Rome since 2012.

Owner of Applepie sr. alternates journalistic collaborations with communication projects. A social media expert, she has been participating in the Internet Marketing Conference 2.0 in Paris since 2009. He also collaborated, among others, with “La Nuova Ecologia”, “Gazzetta dell’Economia”, Acmchannel, Aipinews,, Omniapress,

Since 2009 he has been on the Mediastars jury, Technical Award for Advertising, Milan.
Television, Cinema and Food are some of the sectors that see it “active”, ranging from collaborations with EBU (European Broadcasting Union), the press conferences organized for Win Wenders, the launch of the first Temporary Restaurant in Milan, with Massimo Bottura.

In 2004 she launched, with the partnership of Alenia, the first satellite channel dedicated to public administration, of which she was the editorial coordinator.

In 1999 he organized in Milan the first prize for online advertising wanted by Excite, the Pomod’oro Excie Awards. He collaborated with the editorial staff of “Vi racconto il TG1” (Rai Eri, 2012), written with Alma Grandin.