Maria Edera Spadoni

Maria Edera Spadoni

Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies


I like to discover different cultural environments: I attended the fourth high school in the United States, where I graduated.

I won a scholarship of one year at the German University of Dresden, I lived a year in Madrid working and carrying on one of my passions: photography.

The passion for politics was born around 25 years. There was something I did not like: people kept talking about a conflict of interest but no politician proposed a reform to counter it, the environment was defended in words but in fact I was witnessing the massive cementing of my region.

The mafias were also complicit in the undervaluation of local administrators who did not realize the danger.
Then came the Five Star Movement, which spoke of the environment, the fight against corruption, the fight against mafias, the cutting of privileges and the costs of politics. And I felt at home.

In 2009 I am running for the municipal elections in Reggio Emilia, but I do not enter the municipal council. I was elected a Member of Parliament in 2013 and in the following five years I was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and of the Council of Europe.

I was re-elected in 2018 and became Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies.
Since then, I have been working with great commitment and enthusiasm on women, equal opportunities and the fight against organised crime.

I am deeply proud of my country and its people and I will always do my best to grow and improve our nation, protecting the rights of Italians.