Lilli Samer

Lilli Samer

CFO of Samer & Co. Shipping S.p.A.


Lilli Samer was born in Trieste.

Her surname is just linked to the historic family shipping agency, Samer & Co Shipping S.p.A, founded over a century ago and where she entered with operational roles from a very young age.

Today she helds the position of CEO of the company which, with offices in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, to the shipping agency services has been adding those of international freight forwarders, port terminal operators, Insurance and claim settling agents.

Within the Samer Group she is also President and CEO (with agent license) of Edgar H. Greenham & Co. Srl, insurance agency of UnipolSai, TUA Assicurazioni, with offices in Trieste, Opicina and Muggia, Partner of Samer Seaports & Terminals Srl (port terminal operator in the Trieste Riva Traiana ferry terminal), Partner and Board member of WTC – World Trade Center Trieste Srl.

Lilli Samer has been President of AIDDA Friuli Venezia Giulia delegation since 2017.