Francesca Sforza

Francesca Sforza

Editor at La Stampa


Francesca Sforza has been working at La Stampa since 1999.

She spent four years in Berlin as a correspondent and two years in Moscow. During this period, she was sent abroad several times to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and several times in the Caucasus.

His book “Moscow-Grozny: not even a white man on this train” (2006, Salerno Editrice) won the Antonio Russo Prize and the Maria Grazia Cutuli Prize. From 2007 to 2011 she worked in Turin as editor-in-chief of the Foreign Service, and then in Rome as coordinator of digital content.

He currently works on the vertical channel Green&blue and is responsible for “Specchio”, the group’s Sunday. He writes about foreign policy, culture, rights, social issues.