Andrea Carandini

Andrea Carandini

Professor of Archaeology at University of Rome La Sapienza


(Rome, 1937), professor emeritus of Archeology and History of Greek and Roman art at the universities of Siena, Pisa and Rome La Sapienza, president of the Board of Higher Cultural Heritage between 2009 and 2012, is now president of the FAI (Italian Environment Fund).

Among his most significant discoveries, the discovery on the Palatine of walls and the sanctuary of Vesta of the eighth century B.C. confirms that the legend of Rome is a stratified mixture of myth and history.

Among the many books: The Birth of Rome (Einaudi 1997), Adriano. Rome and Athens (Utet 2019) and, for Rizzoli, Antonino Pio and Marco Aurelio (2020). He edited La leggenda di Roma for the series “Greek and Latin Writers” of the Valla Foundation (Mondadori 2006-2014) and the Atlas of Ancient Rome (Princeton University Press 2017).